Windows 10

Windows 10 resolves many of the problems with Windows 8, is easy to work with if you have used Windows 7 and is simpler to manage than either. It will be very good indeed.

But there are some problems that are not obvious.

Windows 10 was released swith some rough edges – most of which are now resolved. Most older software will work but not all. It is not always clear which older computers running Windows 7 will upgrade.

Windows 10 will increase the working life of business computers [Windows 7 support ends in 2020 but there is no more development going on]. The new menu system is excellent, Search effective and quick and making changes in the most is well thought out. It is easy to find your way round and team member should adapt very swiftly. It feels Windows 7 friendly.

Windows 10 is free as long as it is installed within 1 year of release.

In Brief
If you still running Windows XP – it’s a new computer
If you are running Vista – it’s a new computer
If you are running Windows 7 – it is probably worth upgrading but older Windows 7 machines will need checking.
If you are running Windows 8 or 8.1 then the upgrade will improve your computer.